2007- 2012 Head of Millenaris TV Studio, Budapest. Producer of more than 100 television programs.

2004 – 2007 Writes film and television program critics for Hungarian film magazines, like Magyar Narancs, Pergo Kepek.

Since 2004 – Film producer.

1996 – 2010 Organizer and Shop Steward for INPUT (International Public Television Conference), one the most famous Television Conference about public service and innovation

1995- 2010 Made more than 50 documentaries about pedagogical innovation in the Hungarian educational system.

Since 1995 – Editor of Pergo Kepek, a Hungarian independent film magazine.

Since 1994 – Hosts a call-in talk show on the independent “Radio Tilos” station, Budapest.

Since 1993 – Works as film and television director, D.O.P., scriptwriter, produces eight 35mm feature films, ten short films, about fifty documentary films and more than two hundred television programs.

1986 – 1990 Works as still photographer for feature films.